Let's talk about truffles

With its 100 square meters area, Urbani will attend Expo in a new light: no longer featuring the usual black and white of its classical minimalism, but with a space that oozes history, memories, sacrifices, work, and ideas: 150 years dedicated to truffles. This is what the expected millions of visitors will find, and they will be fascinated by this way of talking about truffles, new and old at the same time.

The Urbani family will be there to welcome everyone, in a joyful presentation of truffle-based recipes, tasting a cuisine that is sophisticated yet tied to the origins and the traditions of the past. In the name of truffles, to which the members of the Urbani family dedicated their lives, we want to recreate the all-Italian atmosphere of sitting at a table, being able to chat with each other, thus bringing back the human contact between people that has been mostly lost.

Another important presence will be in the supermarket of the future: COOP will have a selection of the best Urbani products for sale. A magic union of truffles and bubbles will be at Expo: two large families merge in a prestigious experience. The Urbani and the Lunelli families will present recipes with truffles paired with Ferrari champagne in the beautiful space the winery has on the top floor of the Eataly pavilion at Expo.