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Urbani Tartufi queen of Nuremberg Biofach

10 February 2016

Success of Urbani Tartufi at the Biofach in Nuremberg, the world fair of high quality organic products. The results and honours received demonstrate once again how Urbani has imposed itself at world level as a leading company not only of the truffle sector and more recently of mushrooms, but also in the quality of the raw materials. A success that goes beyond the economic factor. This experience is an important piece in the history of urban because it brings with it the spirit that has always distinguished this great family: six generations who, passionately, dedicate their lives to the company and to the values that characterize it.

“See my children Luca and Francesco who follow in the footsteps of grandpa and uncle Bruno who adore”, he says with emotion Olga Urbani, “is the thing that more right now makes me proud of the path we are doing, a path that we carry on day after day aware of being the branches of a tree with deep roots and a tall and sturdy trunk, branches that look to the future with confidence, nourished by the sap of the past and by the rays of the sun of the future. This experience in Nuremberg has further underlined the important choices made by the company in the mushrooms production sector, born from the intuition of Giammarco Urbani, which sees as an irreplaceable guide its director Franco Montemaggiore, a Man who lives the company in his widest breath, a rare and dear person I want to publicly thank for the commitment and passion that pours in his work”.

The Urbani Tartufi company has entered the organic product market, creating an assortment of cultivation and production methods that exclude genetically modified organisms and products deriving from chemical synthesis. All organic urban products contain natural antioxidants and beneficial vitamins for human health. They are subjected to strict documentary and analytical checks before they are accepted and are then put into work. The company’s chemical experts collaborate with various Italian universities and their departments of Food and Biological Sciences, to render impeccable every step of these delicate processes.

The staff involved in the various production phases within the Urbani Bio is dedicated exclusively to the organic line, which participate in specialization courses to increase skills and capacity in the sector. The ingredients of this line of products are all organic and suitable to realize, with the original production creativity of Urbani, only recipes of high culinary value: vegetables sauces with truffle, black truffles sauces, white truffles, red pesto and truffle, olive oil and balsamic vinegar flavoured with truffle and many others, also on request.

“The organic”, continues Olga Urbani, “it was not a choice, was to keep faith in the commitments made by my great-grandparents who always aimed at the quality of the raw material and methods of preservation. I remember that my great-grandfather was the inventor of the «ad hoc» preservation of the truffle, outclassing the French and their methods that until then had been made by masters. If we think about it well, the truffle in nature is found by the infallible smell of our beloved dogs, that is, by those who have an innate instinct to choose the best from nature. Our task is to bring it back to the stellate restaurants as well as to the homes of all those who want it, as the nature has donated it, combined with other important products that derive from raw materials of the same quality. Our unique oil, whose name says everything about the quality that has been recognized, encloses the true essence of the concept of biological, the only oil in the world made with the only true truffle without the addition of synthetic aromas. And then a great strength and courage from the editorial staff to the two young Urbani, Luca and Francesco, who will have the task, together with the other family, to increase the prestige of the company but even before that of men whose actions are always inspired by authentic business ethics.