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Fico Eataly World presented in New York with dinner at the Urbani Truffle Lab

24 November 2016

FICO Eataly World arrives in New York with the excellence of Made in Italy, among which, in the first row of all, Urbani Tartufi. The international presentation of Fico was held at the historic site of Eataly Flatiron in New York, during the first week of Italian cuisine in the world. The conference was exciting, the presence of international guests and journalists was the frame of the event presented by the patron of the Colossus Eataly, Oscar Farinetti.

More than 6 million of expected visitors, of which 2 from the Usa, for the Italian peasant factory That will be in Bologna in eight months in addition to 40 agri-food companies, an educational area, a large market and ample space dedicated to Italian traditions and culture. This in short the program of a production chain that will make school in the true sense of the word. “Culture is also something you eat”, says Farinetti, laden with enthusiasm, a phrase that encapsulates in a nutshell what the Urbani Tartufi has been carrying on successfully for years. “Precisely for this reason”, says Olga Urbani, “I immediately married this great project. An important opportunity to bring to the international public, the strength of our traditions. Making culture through through food is a definite goal of ours. The young generations, heirs of a great culture in the world of food of excellence, are testimonials of our project. Every young person is a light to ignite and thanks to FICO Eataly World, we can succeed. A great project that will allow with greater strength to wave in the world the Italian flag of Urbani with food, quality and culture”.

The presentation continued at the American Truffle Academy, Urbani Truffle Lab, with the chefs who organized for Farinetti and FICO team, a dinner made with truffle. Also present the RAI with the envoy of New York Giovanna Botteri. In the afternoon Vittorio Giordano, Vice President of Urbani Truffles Usa, received the investiture of the Order of the Knights of Truffle and Wine of Alba, an honor that welcomed with great honor and joy. An important day that seals the great union between two international excellencies synonymous with culture and great values, Eataly and Urbani. After Expo, many truffle restaurants in the world, many showcases of always new products, the FICO experience and much more.