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Giammarco Urbani elected Confindustria Terni President

22 July 2016

Giammarco Urbani is the new president of Confindustria Terni. It took place Wednesday evening, in the salons of the hotel Garden of Terni, the traditional assembly of Confindustria Terni to elect the new President, the Deputy and the members of the Board of the Ternana section. Among those present are the Bishop of Terni Giuseppe Piemontese, the prefect Angela Pagliuca, the president of Umbria region Catiuscia Marini, the mayor of Terni Leopoldo Di Girolamo, the undersecretary Gianpiero Bocci, the regional councillor Eros Brega and many other exponents also of the armed forces and of the industrial and political world.

Giammarco Urbani, owner with the family of Urbani Tartufi, world leader in the sector, is preparing to bring in the field its managerial experience with an approach that offers continuity with the past but looks to the future with innovation and creativity, characteristics that distinguish from six generations also the family business, in increasing expansion. In his speech, Urbani has indicated the guidelines that will characterize his work: continuity, creativity, knowledge and collegiality. “These are the four pillars for the action of the Terni section of Confindustria Umbria for the next two years:

  • CONTINUITY – In the institution, as in the enterprises, there is always a story to safeguard, a value to be protected, a guiding thread to follow. You have to be respectful of what has been done by those who preceded us and assume the responsibility to carry it forward without distoring it, but adding value.
  • CREATIVITY – The anchorage to the values and principles that have made our associative traction great must not be a cage that will ingive the movements. The continuity has to go along with the creativity, to decline in new terms the answers to the changing needs of the companies and the territory. Creativity that means to launch new projects, to pursue new priorities, to find original solutions to the traditional themes of Confindustria.
  • KNOWLEDGE – Knowing before acting. This is indispensable. An effective action of representation of interests and political interlocution cannot be separated from the detailed knowledge of the reality on which we operate. The Terni section represents a territory that has its complexities that must be analysed in order to grasp its richness. Too hasty definitions of the area of crisis, or of a place of only multinationals or south of Umbria do not do justice of the many faces of the city multiforme.
  • COLLEGIALITY – The associative force is proportional to the participation, it is not based only on the data relating to the subscribers, the employees and the turnover that these express, but to the real participation in the life of Confindustria that unites the protagonists of the life Economy of the section, it brings forces and energies to shared ends in a continuous confrontation with the base. Principles that will be applied since the definition of the mandate program.