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The best choose the best: The Truffe Noir and Urbani Tartufi

25 February 2016

The Truffe Noir of Brussels, currently considered the best restaurant in the world for truffles, for more than 25 years is the center of traditional cuisine and at the same time innovative proposed by the star chef Luigi Ciciriello.

“A great chef and a great friend with whom I share not only the love for truffles, but also the desire to spread the knowledge of these precious jewels that the earth offers us”, says Olga Urbani, “for this we have written a book together, text that to date is considered the truffle Bible. The esteem I cherish for this great man is difficult to express in a nutshell. Luigi is a gentleman, a la scams noire breathes his creative soul, an unforgettable welcome, friendliness, precision, sense of unrivalled hospitality”.

And in fact the Truffe Noir is an experience that no one wants to lose especially in the world of diplomacy, the European institutions and the businessmen of the foreground in Brussels or in passing. Rare experience, unique, like the truffle, white or black that generously accompanies each dish. Truffle that Urbani is honored to be able to supply in large quantities, certain that from every gram of this diamond of the earth, will come out stellate dishes that exalt the qualities of a raw material already in itself extraordinary.