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Truffle and Italian culinary tradition conquer Asia with Luca Loreti Urbani

30 May 2016

“Look far, and when you think you’ve looked far, look even further”, wrote the English intellectual Baden-Powell. And this is the spirit that has married the Urbani family, the great truffle family, six generations and one great passion. The company has reached the top of the world, holding more than 70% of the global market in the sector today. Following an exponential growth line driven by values handed down from father to son, the Urbani have always looked at every goal not as a point of arrival, but as a new stepping stone to increasingly important goals, experiencing success as a a journey and not as a destination.

The key to achieving great results is to have the right skills at the right time, making key innovative choices and succeeding, generation after generation, in bringing with them the teachings of fathers to shape them to the needs of their fathers. own times. An arduous task that the Urbani family has been able to face with great dedication, managing to do even more: transmit the passion that animates the company to its employees and partners, building a business model based on human values that, through a they see healthy competition as a drive for innovation. It is in this spirit that Luca Loreti Urbani, young and brilliant manager of the company, son of Olga Urbani, owner together with Bruno Urbani, has left for the East, demonstrating that part of the talent is the courage, the courage to face a new market, to follow in the footsteps of fathers who have always anticipated the times and going in person to conquer new opportunities, to learn new cultures to adapt their product to the needs of the international market. A special person Luca, does not like the spotlight and would never want an article all for him, far from the honors of the news loves in fact the concrete but Urbani and especially his team of colleagues, in front of the results of the young manager, want us to make know the great work he is carrying out to realize a project that reflects his particular imprinting.

In Taipei, Taiwan, Luca Loreti Urbani has not in fact disproved the genetics of the family, showing entrepreneurial and human qualities that draw with precision and indelible brand, new paths, new achievements and write important new pages of the history of the diamond of the earth. Together with the chef Ferretti of the Urbani Truffle Academy, who, being also an opera singer, entertained the present audience by improvising successful areas, Luca Urbani created classes on truffles for professional chefs and customers of Urbani, organized dinners, events and tastings to bring the full strength of the Italian culinary tradition to a country that still does not know the full potential of the precious underground mushroom. The truffle, until a few years ago unknown to Asia, is enjoying great success and, thanks to this important work of spreading culinary knowledge on what is called by the Urbani “a miracle in black and white”, two worlds so distant are gradually finding a union that increases both, merging two of the most popular gastronomy on earth. Thanks to this combination, new Urbani products have been born, such as sushi sticks, which have been able to interpret the needs of the new market managing to enhance the characteristics of truffles in new recipes with international taste.

“It’s not easy to express the great emotion I’m feeling”, says Olga Urbani, her eyes lit up even more when she talks about her children. “Having the good fortune to have two children who have shown great love for the company since they were young, repays me for all the time I spent working by sacrificing important moments of life together. The company is everything to me, it is the blood that flows in my veins, it is my dreamed life and to see Luca, my eldest son, take over the reins of the company and guide it with great courage to new horizons is an immense satisfaction, a sign that, as they say, blood doesn’t lie. My memory goes back to when, in 1850, my great-grandfather left for the United States, managing to bring two worlds so far apart closer together and conquer America with our truffle. Now, with Luke, history repeats itself in Asia. I am sure of the successes that will follow, Luca has great communication skills, he manages to weave international relationships based on the deep respect of people, from the simplest to the most important.
His great humility and his always being simple and extremely loyal, allowed him to be loved by his clients and this is precisely what led to overcome the great differences, creating strong bonds based on the enhancement of human aspects, enduring bonds precisely because they are sincere and true as he is. My father, Paolo Urbani, loved to say that Urbani in the world means truffle. With Luca this is also happening in Asia. I’m sure he’ll be looking proudly at his grandson from up there and embrace him with that same sweetness as when, in the company, he told him the many family stories, teaching him to draw his own future with the pen of his enthusiasm”.