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The Wine and Food Festival in New York with Urbani Tartufi

23 November 2018

The truffle scent has invaded New York and it has done thanks to the New York City Wine and Food Festival, an event that saw the American headquarters of Urbani Tartufi protagonist of two very special events: the “Truffle Takeover” and the “Burger Blash”. Urbani Truffles has provided the raw material for both events: the best truffles in the world at the disposal of the greatest chefs of the American gastronomic panorama.

In the “Truffle Takeover”, those present were able to savor creative dishes from the best chefs in New York, engaged in making new recipes based on truffles, all under the eyes of Jonathan Cheban, a well-known television personality, lifestyle and social expert average. The success was incredible: harmony of flavors and scents perfectly matched with wines and liqueurs and music studied as a perfect complement for this luxury tasting with the most trendy ingredient in circulation. In the “Burger Blash” Rachael Ray, author of successful books and award-winning television presenter, accompanied guests at one of New York’s most famous rooftop parties for an epic showdown on burgers. Over thirty of the best New York burgers enjoyed under the stars. For Urbani Truffles chef Allison Fasano presented a hamburger with truffles that delighted the present with harmony of taste and perfume that only the prized Urbani’s truffle can give. There is also no shortage of beer, wine and liquor, live music and a stunning view of the city skyline that have completed this unforgettable rooftop feast.

The conquest of America was therefore not only the prerogative of Columbus. The truffle landed Overseas conquering the New World thanks to the Urbani family and since then the internationality has become the alchemic ingredient that for six generations is the engine of research and innovation of this great family of truffles, able to project the company towards multicultural horizons and increasingly ambitious goals. And from year to year the success of the truffle reaches ever higher peaks so that today Urbani Tartufi, with 70% of market share, is the world leader of the precious hypogeal fungus.