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Tartuficulture by Truffleland: conference at the Arischia fair, in L'Aquila city

23 October 2018

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. This Is the great challenge that Truffleland is carrying out with increasing acclaim, proving that the alchemic process of transforming the earth into “diamonds” with Truffleland is no longer a legend. It was spoken on Saturday, October 13 at the Arischia fair (AQ) at the conference “The Tartuficulture according to Truffleland”, organized by the company Truffleland in collaboration with the Association Aquila Fiere and the Provincial College of Agrotechnical de L’Aquila city.

The public feedback has not been missed, many of the tartuficultori present, many curiosities and questions addressed not only to the representatives of the company, Dr. Irene Giunta and Riccardo Cesari, but also to Olga Urbani who, together with his son Francesco Loreti Urbani, creator of the project and young strength of the company, was among the public in support of the project and wanted to bring their own heartfelt contribution. A project, Truffleland, that agrees several generations, sinking the roots in the tradition of the past and tending the branches to the future, an unprecedented bet that is currently a great investment for anyone who has land to cultivate. Not only a cultivation of excellence, that of truffles, but also a way of bringing young people back to the first noble work of man, agriculture, rediscovering the values of a distant time. Many of the arguments addressed, starting from a general presentation of Truffleland, the structures at its disposal, the truffle plants, but especially the company project, up to a practical explanation of the cultivation operations to be carried out for The installation and management of a Tartufaia.

What’s in short, Truffleland? Founded in 2017, it operates in the nursery sector of the production of truffle plants, through a system that gives rise to a high quality truffle, thanks to a virtuous model of profitable agriculture. At the head of this project there are expert truffle growers ready to accompany the customer in every phase of his adventure, from the joint study of the projects of realization of the truffle to the supply of plants suitable for the different soils, strongly mycorrzate and without contaminants. In addition, Thanks to the worldwide network of Urbani Tartufi, Truffleland’s technicians will immediately withdraw and pay truffles at the current market price. This means having the certainty of a safe buyer that allows to monetize the harvest at the end of the path of growth of the seedling, on clear conditions and guaranteed by the solidity of a large entrepreneurial group. A lot of the early news about the project:

  • S.M.A.R.T. FARM 4.0
  • BREEDING, TRAINING AND SALE OF TRUFFLE DOGS (in particular the Black Grifo Valnerino)

Biodiversity support and elimination of the risk of extinction of Italian truffle; this is the main business goal. Urbani leaders continue their international leadership in one of the most prestigious and luxury sectors in the world, providing the technique, knowledge and emotions. The rest, as they like to repeat, does the earth and what is lacking adds the sun. To find out more and to join the project visit the site Truffleland.