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Luca and Francesco Loreti Urbani at Ambrosetti Forum for Urbani Tartufi

06 September 2016

The prestigious conference that every year The European House-Ambrosetti organizes in September at Villa d’este, in Cernobbio, is an appointment now traditional and internationally known in which meets the Italian ruling class and the subjects of major International relief. Heads of State and Government, highest representatives of international institutions, ministers, Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs and managers of greater prestige and experts from all over the world gather each year from 1975 to the present, to discuss the issues of greatest impact For the global economy and society as a whole.

There are, among others, the Italian President of the Council, Matteo Renzi, seven ministers and the two Vice-Presidents of the European Commission. The Italian President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella could not be physically present but sent a message to the participants requesting the intervention of the European Union to support growth. The three-day debate behind closed doors on Lake Como is an opportunity to take a step on the geopolitical scenarios and the global, European and Italian economic situation. Among the points examined: the release of Great Britain from the European Union, Islam, immigration problems and constitutional reforms. The scenario of today and tomorrow for competitive strategies, this is the name of the event, since 1975 saw the presence of a highly selected audience, composed of 200 top Italian and international managers.

Among these are the two young people of Urbani Tartufi, Luca and Francesco Loreti Urbani, sons of Olga Urbani, owner with the family of the world leader in the truffle sector, two promising young people in the Italian entrepreneurial panorama already active Important managerial experiences and excellent results also obtained in territories hitherto unexplored the forum is an event of high appeal: not by chance, requests for participation from all over the world are constantly increasing and every year for Ambrosetti is More and more difficult to cope with. Among the protagonists of the latest editions include: S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Kofi Annan, José María Aznar, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Bill Gates, John McCain, Shimon Peres, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, George Shultz, Giulio Tremonti , Jean-Claude Trichet, Umberto Veronesi, James Wolfensohn and many others. The Forum of Villa d’este is first of all a unique event that takes place in a location of absolute prestige. But the secret of the success of this event remains its exclusivity: the work, always held behind closed doors and the forum is still a unique opportunity to meet and dialogue for many actors and protagonists of the economic and political scene International.

“Participate in this important meeting”, says Francesco Loreti Urbani, “it is for our company an important opportunity to know in preview the international economic scenarios that will be delineating and so to decide the future business strategies. Urbani Tartufi exports to 70 countries in the world and in addition to Spoleto and New York where we have the major strongholds, there are other important locations in America and other parts in the world. We are currently expanding our horizons to the Orient. This is to say that European and world policies have a fundamental importance for us. Luca Loreti Urbani intervenes and adds: “It is incredible how to participate in this event can inspire us a great desire to do, to create new challenges and new business. It is a race especially with ourselves, to broaden our horizons and our knowledge is a duty that we feel towards the company that is giving us so much, a jewel to preserve and develop. Francis concludes: “The last economic events that have seen the release of Britain from the European Union, as well as the difficult situation dictated by the terrorist attacks of recent times, have changed the international balances by increasing the need for security for those investing in important markets. A very useful experience in various profiles, a moment of reflection that will allow us to make more and more targeted choices, continuing our journey of innovation and internationality that distinguishes us from six generations”.

Very decided words that look to the future. A secret of the success of this event in fact is the ability to involve the prestigious guests in an exchange of visions and in an authoritative and never discounted debate focused on themes developed by the professionals of Ambrosetti, able to increase the present by making Strength on everyone’s ability to give the best of their skills and share them with others. An important event for our country and for the international economy.