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Nero Norcia 2016: Urbani Tartufi projects in the future

13 February 2016

Only through a great story can we reinvent the present and build the future. It is precisely with a spirit so futuristic that this year the urban truffles will amaze the public of the Nero Norcia exhibition with a surprising stand, a space designed by the designers of the company, with the precise intent to involve the present as it was never seen Until now during an agri-food fair.

Innovation, research, biological, technology, culture, human resources: these are the ingredients that make urban the world leader of the truffle, known all over the world not only for the goodness of its fresh but also for the continuous creation of new products that see the protagonist of the “black diamond”. A growing innovation always in line with the needs of an increasingly young public and attentive to high quality cuisine.

The essential architectonic and the design of this exhibition space, will allow visitors to live the urban world in a unique way, to feel part of the company, to perceive the spaces, the philosophy, the study, the passion and the tradition that every day They make special the people who devote their lives to all this. A family that for 6 generations has not stopped looking to the future, able to innovate and renew itself and become a cost point of reference for the whole sector.

It’s great to perceive how behind an LCD screen, an e-shop, a single-dose pod or a truffle sticks for sushi, there may be the brilliant spark of a man like Carlo Urbani, who during the early years of ‘900 had perhaps already imagined all this. And it is with this spirit that even the urban youth, led by Bruno and Olga, today continue their ascent to greater successes, towards stylistic and structural choices that act as a projector between the past and the future, succeeding in making truffle not only a produced by the indisputable merit but a modus vivendi, an example of how it is possible to make always, new and inimitable a product that the generous nature continues to give us for millennia.

An Urbani Tartufi stand, that of 2016, dedicated to the historical futuristic spirit of a company, “a source of inspiration for itself”, a company that is the result of a great past and the cause and the innovative engine of the future.