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Olga and Bruno Urbani rewarded as entrepreneurs of the year

01 January 2016

Olga and Bruno Urbani entrepreneurs of the year. It is directly the international audit network, Ernst & Young to have assigned the coveted recognition to theUrbani Tartufi company, awarded in the Internationalization category “for the ability to make known and love all over the world Italian food specialities and in particular Umbrian”.

The Urbani were rewarded as entrepreneurs of the year, among the more than ninety candidates for the competition concluded at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan (seat of the Italian stock Exchange), by the jury chaired by Gianni Minon, Vice-president of the Benetton group. To withdraw the prize was directly Olga Urbani, the only woman rewarded, also on behalf of other members and family Bruno, Giammarco and Carlo Urbani: “The award given to our company-stressed-is an acknowledgement of the effort that for many years sees engaged in investments in the innovation and research front of new international markets. The Italian agrifood is much loved and appreciated in the world, we try, without ever giving up the quality, to answer the big question of food made in Italy. I dedicate this prize-he added moved-in addition to my land to my children Luca and Francesco who, at my side in the company day after day, are my life that continues”.