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SIAL Paris 2016: Urbani Tartufi surprises the participating with Truffle Pizzas and Truffle Gold

20 October 2016

The 2016 edition of SIAL fair in Paris ends today, the biennial event that brings together all the operators of the agri-food sector that revolve around the major world challenges. With an important worldwide presence, SIAL has developed a privileged and acknowledged observatory of trends and innovations from all over the world.

This edition had an even greater scope than any editions that preceded it. The SIAL 2016 saw the participation of 7000 exhibitors, 10% more than two years ago, of which 85% of foreign origin. The whole world of food has, therefore, responded to the attendence although some countries have held a greater strategic weight. Among these, in the first row, we find Italy, which, through its agrifood companies, has become a fundamental partner of Sial. Urbani Tartufi, the excellence of Made in Italy, the world leader in the truffle sector and more recently mushroom, has been the protagonist of this edition presenting two unprecedented innovations: frozen Truffle Pizzas and Truffle Gold, a powder able to transform in gold of truffle every dish, giving the pleasure that only the diamond of the earth can give to sight, taste and smell. Two innovations that have received great prominence at an international level, attracting the attention of world agribusiness protagonists and making the exhibition space of Urbani a place of indispensable inspiration and meeting of the industry International agribusiness.

“This important event that inspires world food,” said Olga Urbani, present with her cousin Charles and her son Luca, “represents an ambitious challenge for those who, like us, see an important strong point In innovation. A continuous renewal respecting the traditions and a consumer who, as someone rightly pointed out, is now a consum ‘ actor, who knows well make his choices. Our company has been participating in the Sial since its first edition. I do not mean exactly how many tens of years are not to discover me too old. Well we know what requires a fair like this, a bit like the city that hosts it, asks for the maximum. And for years, Urban has responded with commitment and great study to new needs, succeeding in overcoming the challenges of today and inventing the challenges of tomorrow. The innovations presented by urban truffles at SIAL have been successful because Urbani has accustomed the public of luxury food to products studied, which are in line with the regulations and are guaranteed by certifications and qualifying processes that in the world of truffles It is not easy to find”.

Frozen Truffle Pizzas, a project conceived and followed by Francesco Loreti Urbani, young manager of the company, is an innovative project that stands out in a very inflated market and more based on the search for the lowest price than the quality of the ingredients. These pizzas boast a high level of quality; Every pizza is guaranteed by a leavening of 48 hours, by the ability of 88 pizza chefs who spread the dough by hand and then bake it in high quality wood ovens. The seasoning of the pizzas is made with real products, so we speak of true truffle and true mushrooms, fresh products and guaranteed by two brands that make quality their flagship: Italpizza and urban truffles. And so that two worlds that at first glance seem distant, the pizza, consumed by young people on every occasion, and the truffle, with more luxury connotation, meet in a marriage that really intrigued everyone. As the representation of history with its traditions that meets the present, the creativity of the new generations merges with the experience of the past generations.