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Urbani Tartufi at the concert of the pianist Cristiana Pegoraro in New York

13 December 2018

Applause, standing ovation and the request for the encore. It has been welcomed with the usual warmth and a great appreciation of the performance that ternana pianist of international renown Cristiana Pegoraro gave to Carnegie Hall in New York City for a stage of the world tour that saw her performing between Italy and America, since October, in 18 concerts.

The pianist presented the program titled “The great composers and their muses”, which was created with the patronage of the Italian Representation at the United Nations in the context of the month of Italian Culture in the United States, dedicated to Female figure in classical music with works by Rossini, Beethoven, Chopin and his original transcriptions for piano. A tribute to the woman who earned her the “International Award Fidapa-Woman of Excellence”, received by the Italian Federation Women Arts Professions Business for having established itself in the world as a witness of the best excellence in the artistic field. To deliver it the president of the Italian American Committee on Education Berardo Paradiso and Senator Ada Urbani, past president of the Fidapa Association of Terni, on behalf of the national president Catherine Mazzella.

Cristiana Pegoraro, defined by the New York Times “artist of the highest caliber”, is also the creator and artistic director of the Narnia Festival, a multifaceted event that intertwines various forms of art, music and culture, and offers performances with renowned artists and a didactic of international level in prestigious locations of Umbria and Lazio. Right at Carnegie Hall the pianist announced that, starting from 2019, the Narnia Festival will develop training projects and concerts also in New York, thus giving the opportunity to young people participating in the summer campus to enrich their training with an experience in one of the most culturally alive and important cities in the world. The concert was followed by a luxurious reception offered by Urbani Truffle Lab and Urbani Tartufi, another Umbrian excellence that conquered America. Below the service of Umbria News: