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Urbani Tartufi at Sial Paris 2018

24 October 2018

In a glittering Paris the Sial fair of this year opened its doors with 7,200 exhibitors from 198 countries of the world, including 800 were the Italian companies. Among these could not miss Urbani Tartufi, world reference point of industry. The new space is inspired by the truffle chain that starts from the whole land until you reach the table. In fact, together with the products, also the mycorrhized seedlings of Truffleland, a family company aimed at the production and sale of the latter for the cultivation of the precious hypogeal mushroom, together with the promotion of truffle-growing.

On the stand set up by Urbani Tartufi were welcomed customers from 60 foreign countries, loyal to the brand that, in addition to the consolidation of high-thickness human relationships, spent hours “perfumed” with truffle dishes prepared by chef Fabio Ferretti of the Truffle Academy. Arrived from Italy Carlo Urbani, Olga with his son Luca and all the export managers, who have been incessantly dedicated to the international press, to new customers and to many people interested also in truffle farming. Being present for 30 years at this fair, means discovering opportunities for growth and decoding new trends, achieving ambitious goals and never stopping at the goals achieved, always prefixing new and more prestigious. There is the best of the world in Paris and Urban is an integral part of it.