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Urbani Tartufi at Summer Fancy Food Show 2016

25 June 2016

The 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show, the largest specialty food show in the United States, is about to open its doors in New York, a springboard for innovations in the international food industry. 25,000 buyers from all over the world, over 2,500 exhibitors and 180,000 products are expected. Urbani Tartufi, like every edition, will have at its disposal a large exhibition space that reproduces the now well-known minimal aesthetic of Urbani in black and white. Many novelties presented at the fair as the frozen truffle pizzas, exquisite as a real Neapolitan just out of the experience hands of the most famous tradition, ready in 4 minutes. A project conceived and curated by Francesco Loreti Urbani, the company’s youngest manager.

In addition to the pizzas also the truffle gold, real white truffles of Alba (also available the version of black truffle) with bright golden color that, added to the recipes, will give each dish the unmistakable flavor of the precious tuber and a luxury touch of great Impact. There are many new sauces, including Asparagus and Truffle and Pistachios, Tomatoes and Truffle. For the occasion, in addition to the staff of the American locations of Urbani company, Olga and Giammarco Urbani, owners of Urbani Tartufi, who came from Italy for the event. “Fancy Food is a major event for us”, says Olga, “not only because of the international impact it has and the great showcase it offers, but also because it is an important beacon for Urbani in our corporate history. In the family archives that we keep jealous at the Truffle Museum of Scheggino, created in memory of my father Paolo Urbani, there are ancient letters, handwritten by our grandfather Carlo Urbani that excite me. In the yellowed sheets of time, he recounts how, in 1950, the first fresh truffles in history flew from Rome to New York, after incessant attempts, a thousand precautions and in the most absurd anxiety. From there began Italy’s record over the then dreaded France. This was possible thanks to the participation of the Urbani company in the 1st New York exhibition, the 1949 Fancy Food Show”.

“A special thank you”, continues Giammarco Urbani, “goes to those who have managed with great dedication these American locations, Vittorio Giordano, vice-president of Urbani Usa and his wife Rosita Costa, Francesco Mazzini for the Urbani West Coast and Sabrina Notarnicola, VP of Marketing & Brand Strategist. We have never regarded them as our collaborators but as real family people. Precisely for this reason, to celebrate the great Truffle Family, meaning the company and all those who work there, every year, on the occasion of the Summer Fancy Food, we organize a large Urbani Party to which our customers, our friends, many political and entertainment personalities from the US.” This year Urbani organizes A Truffle Cruise Around Manhattan. The Urbani Truffles party will be held on June 27 on the Hornblower yacht. At each floor of the magnificent boat guests (over 800) will enjoy tastes of street food with truffles, elaborate recipes covered with truffle gold cooked in the pot of gold offered to Urbani by the company Agnelli. Completing the painting is a special “Cognac & Cigar Area” with the entertainment of the artists of the “Cirque du Soleil”. Urbani Truffles is today a beautiful Italian flag in America, with an export to 70 countries around the world, 68% of the world truffle market and the headquarters in New York that leads all other American subsidiaries, 5 in all.