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Urbani Tartufi at the fifth edition of "A porte Aperte"

26 February 2016

Just finished the fifth edition of the four-year event “A porte Aperte” organized by Cancelloni Food Service S.p.A. and dedicated to catering professionals. Urbani Tartufi, present with a very elegant stand, has enchanted with the gourmet dishes made on the spot by skilled chefs of the Accademia Urbani the over 5000 visitors who, in many, have lined up to taste the famous urban truffle.

A presence that helped to give prestige, with its diamonds of the Earth, to an event that saw the participation of important chefs stellati, execution of recipes live (cooking show) and cultural meetings.¬†Many prestigious names: Davide Oldani, creator of the kitchen “Pop “, Guglielmo Vuolo, Luca Montersino, the brothers Serva, Cristina Bowerman, Heinz Beck, Alessandro Circiello and Alessandro Borghese. The whole was made even more enjoyable by the presence of fashion shows, the entertainment of the hyena Mauro Casciari and test drive, outside, with cars and drivers Maserati.

“We were very proud to participate in this event,” says Giammarco Urbani, “Not only from the point of view of the brand visibility but especially because we believe our commitment, started over 150 years ago, a heritage and an act of love for truffles, product of great importance to our region. We are accustomed to travel the world, we have customers in over 70 nations but our heart beats with a different rhythm, that of emotion, here where our ancestors have planted the seeds of what has become the greatest reality of the world truffle. Our company has always had an eye for the origins, right from the choice of collaborators, people residents who, for this reason, had a particular sensitivity to the truffle, they knew the characteristics, they knew how to live it because they breathed the scent from generations”.

“Today – continues Giammarco Urbani – know you have so many experienced people who participate consistently in the economic development of the company and therefore also of our region is a source of great pride. Seeing so many professionals who are committed and have at heart productive growth in a moment of strong crisis as what Italy has been experiencing for a few years now, can only make us happy and it is with this smile full of hope that we thank the Cancelloni family that has meant that all this could happen in our Umbria. A thank you really felt with the hope to meet again in 4 years even stronger and determined to grow together and build a prosperous future for our children”.