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Urbani Tartufi and Luiss Business School together for the future of young talents

24 May 2019

It ended two days ago the collaboration between urban truffles and one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, the Luiss Business School. Already graduated guys have specialized in a Master in “Food and Wine Business” That has seen the Umbrian company as an integral part of their training. Intense days of studies and researches that have generated 30 new, revolutionary and futuristic products that in part urban truffles will put into production and then commercialise them in 70 countries in the world.

All aspects of the business have been in-depth, from the technological aspect of production, to the creation of packaging and graphic communication, research on new market trends, real plans to launch marketing with simulations Realistic. The Prof. Luca Pirolo, inventor of the Luiss Master, was the real engine of this prestigious university program of the Luiss Business School in Rome. With his great experience, he made sure that two realities so far away as that of the work from that of the school, instead were integrated to perfection, to the point that the cultural enrichment and the widening of the horizons did not concern only the boys, but Especially the various representatives of the urban who were enthusiastic about such an innovative experience. The Urbani jury delivered a first prize to the team of boys who have developed an excellent recipe: Sofficini stuffed with cheese fondue and white truffle.

A beautiful plaque in crystal and silver was handed to the boys by President Bruno Urbani who has had moving words for the young people of Luiss: “You have won all, because the ideas have been so many, the enthusiasm, your great professionalism but especially the passion that you have put in reinventing my company in a modern key. Young people are lights to light and I think that today, in this meeting between university and truffle world, you are shining with a light that will accompany you all the way to come. Giammarco Urbani, son of Bruno and president of Confindustria Terni, addressed the young people remembering the founding principles of a company’s success but also added: “We would really need a close connection between those responsible for training of young people who will then enter companies like urban and the companies themselves, we must focus on co-designing between universities and the world of work and on the certification of competences. Olga Urbani, who gave the lessons to the boys at Villa Blanc in Rome, headquarters of Luiss, was finally available to stay in touch with all the boys of the Master to feel continuously assisted for future internships and any kind of advice for To crown a proper insertion in the world of work.