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Urbani Truffle Lab NYC: Italian excellence comes from here

20 March 2016

Shortly the opening of the first Truffle Lab in the world, a prestigious space for lovers and experts of the truffle where the diamond of the table will be the master. A few days before the opening, in New York, of the first Truffle Lab weblog Urbani Truffles, one of the American headquarters of Urbani Tartufi, has been able to look to the future with creativity and has embarked on this new adventure from the international breath.

Collaborating with some of the best names in luxury design and culinary art such as Snaidero Kitchens & Design, Gaggenau, Listone Giordano, the mythical kartell that has cured all the furniture and the group Cosentino, Urbani has transformed its showroom in New York In a seductive meeting place of haute cuisine, an area of inspiration for chefs of international renown, for truffle lovers and for all lovers of culinary excellencies. It will be possible to taste, explore and know the truffle and the world that surrounds it in an interactive environment that has no precedent.

“An experience in which food and know meet in a gourmet with a high cultural value”, says Sabrina Notarnicola, VP of Global Marketing & Brand Strategist of Urbani Truffles, “an adventure that looks to the world and the future of the truffle with the passion that always distinguishes our company. Since the truffle has elevated to the rank of culinary excellence also in America, continent that at the beginning had some difficulties in understanding the product, the road towards the study of the tradition and the innovation in the culinary art which sees the diamond of the earth as the protagonist, he no longer had an end. There are many world famous chefs who try their hand at high-level truffle dishes. The Truffle Lab is born precisely to enclose this world in a multi-sensory experience, bringing the excellence of the truffle in the heart of the Big Apple and creating a meeting point where the chefs can present to the world new techniques and make known their creativity. It will be a beautiful space even for all the prestigious companies in Manhattan who want to organize an event never seen and of the highest level. Always scented with truffles”.

Olga Urbani looks at her smiling while Sabrina speaks and then adds to her: “A great woman, a friend, an immense heart that has given all herself in this adventure, overcoming the difficulties that have occurred with great determination and willpower. Without her, what is no longer a dream, but an unprecedented reality, would not have been possible. This is the great strength and secret of the urban world. Have a dream and, before rolling up the sleeves to realize it having always in mind the ultimate goal, find people like our Sabrina, Italian doc who has been living in New York for many years, with which it is the spark that everything moves: the inner strength to always believe it. It has been this way for six generations and I have reason to believe that it will be so for the next. Thanks Sabrina!”.