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Urbani Truffles USA at the "Pizza Expo" in Las Vegas

11 March 2016

With nearly 500 exhibiting companies, Pizza Expo, now in the 32° edition, is the largest gathering of pizza professionals in the world. It is the place where the latest innovations of the sector are presented and where skilled pizza compete in an international competition where we can not miss calls to our country. It is no coincidence that he won Nino Coniglio of Williamsburg Pizza, famous Italian pizza chef from Brooklyn.

Pizza is the most famous Italian food in the world, a food that lends itself to personalization because it is limited to a common base, the dough, on which everyone can arrange, organize and express its difference. Urbani Truffles USA, company of Urbani Group, based in New York City, has presented the famous truffle pizza obtained with Truffle Thrills, ready sauce with truffle Urbani, a product that is depopulating for the ability to obtain dishes with truffles in a short time and with results amazing. Two typical Italian foods: pizza and truffle, crowned with “Made in Italy”.

Already Don Antonio had enchanted the audience of Summer Fancy Food in the edition of 2015 with his famous pizzas seasoned with the truffle sauce. This time it was the turn of Las Vegas, delighted by the incredible coupled pizza-truffle, a success that confirms the quality of Urbani products, guaranteed by an ancient brand that expresses its modernity in these unexpected uses. There are those who say that the secret of pizza is water, who the tomato, who the flour, who the dough, who the wood oven, who assures that it is simply a secret. We reveal our: the Urbani Truffle Thrills.