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White Truffle Festival 2018: Urbani and truffle world enchant the States

06 December 2018

It took place in New York from 9 to 18 November 2018, the third edition of the “White Truffle Festival”, an event awaited by the most refined palate to enjoy the truffle in the most popular restaurants of the Big Apple. The event, which saw the partnership between Urbani Tartufi and Prunotto, a winery that boasts wines from the Langhe of great prestige, was a unique experience that has placed in the spotlight two of the companies that represent the Made in Italy in the world, succeeding in the great challange to bring to the States the famous Alba Fair.

From 1852, the year in which Carlo Urbani exported the Italian truffle to France, the name of Urbani has spread to wildfire becoming synonymous of excellence and prestige that, for six generations, is passed down, guarded and made ever greater in the World, from America To Asia. White truffle Urbani, Piedmontese wine and Italian cuisine, three ingredients that have literally made America go crazy. And to think that when Urbani, in the distant 1949, he brought for the first time his truffles to the 1st edition of “New York Fancy Food Show”, no one knew what it was and it was not easy to make known what today, even in the USA, is one of the most loved and wanted products both by the great chefs and by the public fond of haute cuisine. The White Truffle Festival was also this year’s opportunity to bring the Italian flag overseas, success has smiled to all the restaurants that have adhered to this great initiative, the scent of truffles reigned for ten days sovereign on the tables American and also the local media have welcomed the event enthusiastically.

The Festival was not only held in New York but at the same time in other major cities of United States: Miami, San Francisco/Napa, Las Vegas, Denver and Washington. The list of restaurants that have joined can be viewed on the site: www.whitetrufflefestival.com. In the days of the event, a series of truffle auctions were also planned at the various venues of Eataly and presented by the President of the Fair Mauro Carbone, whose proceeds went to charity to support noble causes. It Is interesting, how fascinating, to imagine that during the festival days, many truffle-quarers walked for miles and miles in the woods of Alba, a small Piedmontese town, in search of the prized hypogeal mushroom. The white truffle, in fact, lives its season between September and December and, just found, in twenty-four hours, thanks to the organization of Urbani, reaches from Italy the tables of restaurants around the world. It’s romantic to think that the truffle in its own dish, in that beautiful terrace with a view of the New York skyline, a few hours before it was in the hands of a truffle hunter, in Italy, right in the middle of an engrossing truffle hunt.

Among the many initiatives that took place not only in restaurants but also in the headquarters of Eataly and in the Urban Truffle Lab in New York, to mention the promotion of Langhe Roero and Torino, an event in which the Fiera D’alba, together with the institutions of Langhe Roero and Torino, took advantage of the great opportunity offered by Urbani Tartufo and Eataly to carry on a series of initiatives to promote the territory. Along with the latter also other initiatives such as a wonderful weekend in the midst of directors, the “Gala Night with Executive chef Michele Casadei Massari and Urbani Truffles” At the Napa Valley Film Festival; a romantic “Dream Foundation Gala” at the Truffle Lab in New York with the presence of famous chef Elizabeth Falkner and much, much more for a festival that still makes talk about itself with the mouth watering and with a single thought: “No flowers, no jewels, but white truffle”.