About 600 products, all with truffle as a common denominator. Years of research and development allowed Urbani Tartufi to create an incredible number of products, unique in their category and a novelty in Italy and abroad.
First and foremost is the classic fresh truffle, black or white, carefully selected and controlled to provide customers with a premium product. In addition to the selection of the fresh products line, the company offers frozen and preserved truffles to cover the clientele’s needs year-round.

In its long history of innovation, Urbani has also created special lines of products: organic creams, sauces, oils, all made with pure organically farmed ingredients. Truffle Thrills is a line of sauces ready to eat and serve for multiple uses; Truffle Grill is a line of condiments that are perfect for barbecuing and are enriched by a touch of truffle; and Truffle Sushi, soy and wasabi products designed to be used in Japanese influenced cuisine. There are even desserts, with the famous bite sized chocolate, from white or black truffles, to the flavored honey, all of which can be enjoyed at any time of the day …

The expansion of the recent years has added to the roster of products a wide selection of mushrooms (porcini, morels, chanterelles, trumpets and other varieties), both dry and frozen; these come to the table freshly picked, with unaltered quality and taste, in perfect Urbani fashion.

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