Beauty exists since man started to choose it. In nature, however, it has been around forever. And beautiful are the products from Urbani Tartufi’s organic plantation. The Urbani company has entered the biological produce market creating a line that is the result of cultivation and production methods that refuse any gmo and products derived from chemical synthesis.

Every Urbani organic product is rich in natural antioxidants and beneficial vitamins. These are thoroughly controlled by means of analytical and documentary tests before being certified and only then can they be processed. Aromatization is important for oil and vinegar, it is a long and delicate process, directly carried out by our chemical experts, in collaboration with Camerino University, Department of Food and Biological Science.

Personnel dedicated to various productive phases at Urbani Bio is exclusively specialized in organic products, they are selected and instructed with training courses in order to increase their competence and ability. The ingredients for this line of organic products are all organic and fit to create, with the help of Urbani’s original productive creativity, high-end recipes: vegetables salsas with truffle, black and white truffle salsas, truffled red pesto, truffle-flavored olive oil and vinegar and many others, also on request.