Big success for black truffle chocolates, as for the last entry, the even more prestigious white truffle chocolates. The marriage of finest white chocolate with small pieces of exquisite Alba white truffle and hazelnut creates a really peculiar choice that surely creates curiosity. The outcome, once tasted, is intoxicating. A must try.

White truffle chocolates are a very refined solution ad a gift for any occasion. They are also available unpackaged to accompany coffee or to be served at the end of a meal. Just like the white ones, black truffle chocolates are also largely employed by chefs both in Italy and worldwide.

Truffle tiramisu, prepared with these truffle chocolates, is already popular, the delicate ice cream, though very difficult, is really delicious, an incontrovertible proof that truffle is good on really anything, even on desserts, both high-end desserts and sweet snacks with that added and unique value that only truffle can provide.

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