Specialty pasta reflects the attention of skilled pasta makers: combining the purest water with flour produced by organic farms that hold integrated certification. Free of additives and dyes, dried at very low temperatures, the process allows the truffle pasta to keep its organoleptic properties. The symbiotic relationship between the highest quality pasta and truffle is perfect, because the shaved truffle blends harmoniously with the dried pasta or fresh tortellini.

Together with the pasta, Urbani has created an endless series of very special condiments with truffles as its common denominator. Stemming from an intuitive business acumen, truffle products give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the scent and distinct flavor of real truffles at an affordable price.

From truffle flour to truffle salt, from aged truffle balsamic vinegar, to truffle butter, they are all now commonly used among international chefs to enhance the flavor and aroma profile of their creations. To them, in fact, goes the great merit of making truffle even more popular, after it has been considered an unreachable ingredient for too many years. And from here Urbani’s creativity expands.