The Truffle Thrills product line is created for “on the go” meals, perfect for today’s busy life, where time is limited, but the attention to high quality still remains. In a few seconds it is possible to put together dishes that truly surprise the palate with the exceptionally delicious truffle taste and aroma, elevating the style of our every occasion thanks to the refinement that only truffle can offer.

This line consists of 8 unique recipes all ready to heat up and serve, yet different from one another. The same recipe can be served either hot or cold, as an appetizer or as an entrée. The choice of the sauces is vast, ranging from: Black truffles & champignon mushrooms, White truffles & champignon mushrooms, White truffles & Porcini mushrooms, Cherry tomatoes, ricotta, & Black truffle, Pesto & Black truffles, Artichokes & Black truffles, Tomatoes & Black truffles, Cream & Black truffles.

Preparation is as simple as it can be: open and pour the sauce directly on strained pasta, or spread on Italian toasted bread and heat it in the oven if you want to make delicious bruschetta. It’ll be fun!