Sushi is one of the most ancient foods dating back to the fourth century, and is nowadays one of the most appreciated foods internationally. The practice arose and spread as a method of preserving fish that was cleaned, cured with salt, and placed in cooked rice that allowed it to last for several months, or to be transported and stored.

In the 80s Japan, at the height of its economic boom, launched itself to the conquest of international markets. The first Japanese restaurants and sushi bars were opened in the United States, and were frequented by vips and celebrities. The rest is recent history, with Japanese cuisine and sushi in particular spreading rapidly across Europe and all over the world, thanks to the increasing attention to healthy food, fat and calories. Urbani, with their tireless resolve for progress and invention, has developed an exceptional product that combines two worlds, two ancient cultures: that of sushi and that of the precious truffle.

Delicious julienne-sliced sticks composed entirely of black truffles can be used as a basic ingredient of the new Sushi, creating a blend of exciting flavors, a perfect fit for two words once distant, two unique tastes that, together, create a tempting experience.