Truffle is a hypogeous mushrooms and, like every mushroom, it has a vegetative body represented by a white or whitish mold. The mold is an agglomerate of live vegetal substances hidden below the ground. It grows and slowly binds to small plants’ roots and, together with them, it starts a very peculiar kind of symbiosis.

However, once the oak is mature, it almost looks like nothing can attack it but, in nature, things are not like that. And truffle is a thief, it sucks others’ life to enrich its beauty and charm. It’s not a coincidence that Moliere’s comedy is so named and talks about a scammer, a hypocrite: the truffle never reveals its true identity to whom doesn’t want to know it intimately.

That is what truffle is, it stealthily grows from its whitish molds and it always depends on someone. It secretly comes to life in earth’s silent dark and it struggles to make its way through rocks. Truffle, the most prestigious food in the world, a really rare and precious thing with a never-ending charm.