Since 1852 the Urbani family has been dedicated to truffles with love and passion for six generations

The family tree starts with Constantino Urbani in 1852, when he began exporting fresh truffles to Carpentras, France, thus creating a business that has become increasingly larger and more relevant through the years. Exports quickly expanded to France, Germany, Switzerland and at the same time to other Italian regions. After Constantino, came Paolo Urbani Senior, and then Carlo Urbani. Carlo Urbani, with the invaluable help of his wife Olga, not only became a pioneer of truffle cultivation in Italy, but also a great entrepreneur who reorganized his company putting the focus on his beloved truffle hunters. This is how Urbani Truffles, nowadays and internationally renowned company, was born. Back then like today, a passion drives us every day: love for truffles. Paolo and Bruno Urbani, Olga and Carlo senior’s sons, are the fourth generation of the family. It’s thanks to them that the company was transformed into a big and beautiful one, but still family-run, a true technologically advanced industry. Paolo Urbani, who really succeeded in giving the family jewel a new face, was also appointed “Cavaliere del Lavoro” for making the truffle a feather in the cap of the Italian market, a product popular all over the world. Bruno Urbani, after holding important public service positions in the industrial as well as in the banking Italian world, is currently leading the Group. He is now completely devoted to his activity, a precious teacher for the future generations.
The current Urbani generation, Olga, Carlo and Giammarco, developed important International branches, the Truffle Museum, the Truffle Academy and the Urbani Travels&Tours. Olga, Paolo’s daughter, directs various departments of the company, managing with resolution and passion the administration, public relations, corporate image, legal, and corporate affairs of Urbani and its subsidiaries. Giammarco, Bruno’s son, already a successful entrepreneur, now leads the marketing department in Italy and International markets, with a special eye to the United States and the emerging markets. It is his the intuition to expand to the world of mushrooms inaugurating the Urbani Mushroom Division. Carlo, Bruno’s son, leads tirelessly the foreign and Italian market, assuring the efficient and widespread distribution of fresh and preserved products. Luca and Francesco Loreti Urbani, Olga’s sons, represent the company’s sixth generation. Luca, under the careful guidance of his uncle Carlo, has been working for several years in international marketing and the development of Asian markets. Francesco, (24 years old) has started his career in the field of fresh truffles, and has now moved on to his first major project: truffle cultivation. He still continues to work with enthusiasm in both Italian and International sales of Urbani Mushrooms, under the excellent guidance of his uncles Giammarco and Bruno. Ginevra Urbani, Giammarco’s daughter, who is only 6 years old, cries, when visiting the company, they want to bring it home. A sign that the truffle fascination in Urbani's house seduces since children.

In memory of Cavaliere Paolo Urbani

A life devoted to family, work, and the passion for truffles, all of which allowed him to build step by step the company that today is a world leader in this sector. In honor of the Cavaliere Paolo Urbani, his daughter Olga has written a book to commemorate an unforgettable man, a successful businessman and a great mentor, not only for his family but for many who had the privilege of knowing him. A tenacious defense of the truffle, its history and knowledge, but above all its survival and preservation for the future, all converge in the "Paolo Urbani Foundation".
All Foundation activities are and will be fully sponsored by the Urbani family. The foundation has the goal to solve challenges of the truffle sector, such as inadequate regulations, the lack of laws and the need for a fair application of principles of equality. The Paolo Urbani Foundation, in collaboration with the Universita’ dei Sapori of Perugia, has awarded scholarships and created courses of study named after Paolo Urbani to keep his legacy alive.


The international headquarters are located on the premises of Urbani Tartufi, Sant'Anatolia di Narco, in the province of Perugia, Italy. 150 employees work here using innovative technologies to process and preserve truffles with a protocol that enhances their natural characteristics and allows for new possibilities of use. The careful and integrated organization of the production cycle, together with a qualified sales network, allows us to bring our products to gourmet tables around the world, achieving the same quality and level of satisfaction one would appreciate just picked up. Together with Sant'Anatolia headquarters there is a production plant in Terni. In addition to the two locations in Umbria, Urbani Tartufi is also in Alba with Tartufalba Morra, and in Milan with its store located in the city center, close to Piazza 5 Giornate. Urbani Mushrooms, a group division dedicated to the marketing and sales of dried and frozen porcini mushrooms, stems from Giammarco Urbani's intuition; he was the one who saw a potential in this product and through the years acquired establishments to collect and select mushrooms. Urbani Mushrooms offers a wide selection of products to customers who seek high quality, in a packaging that enhances the image and guarantees maximum freshness.
The Italian establishment of Urbani Mushrooms is in charge of the packaging and sales of frozen and dry mushrooms coming from a first selection in the gathering places. After transferring the mushrooms, we proceed to further selection and inspection, cataloging and storing them within our cold storage warehouse. A valuable role was played by Franco Montemaggiore, an undisputed leader of this important sector. Most important is the Group's presence abroad through the brand Urbani Truffles, with locations in all major cities of the world including: New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Londra, Manila e Bangkok. Below the cities in the world where the Urbani Truffles is present:

Scheggino-Rome-Milan-Alba-Orio al Serio Airport-London-Paris-Berlin-Amsterdam-Athens-Barcelona-Bruxelles-Copenaghen-Prague-Oslo-Vienna-Zurich-Moscow-Kiev-New York-San Francisco-Los Angeles-Las Vegas-Chicago-Miami-Montreal-Toronto-Dubai-Beijing-Shanghai-Hong Kong-Manila-Singapore-Seoul-Taiwan-Tokyo-Bangkok-Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo-Mexico City.