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A wonderful news that pays back the incessant work done over the years by Urbani to make the Truffle Museum Paolo Urbani in Scheggino, a point of reference for lovers of this precious product.

A museum structure with special features, not the classic museums but a profound experience, all to live, where the visitor is transported to the world of truffles through the history of those who have written the pages of the tradition of truffles In the world, the urban family that for six generations is a guardian jealous of one of the most precious brands of Made in Italy. Nothing has been left to chance, even the museum structure has its own history, it is in fact in what was the first urban plant, founded by Paolo Urbani at the end of the nineteenth century in his home. Now the museum has become part of the network “Ecomuseo della Dorsale Appenninica Umbra”, of which the truffle is one of the main points of reference, being thanks to this and to those who have been able to enhance every aspect, that Valnerina has seen a Increasing territorial exploitation that has led her to be today a destination for tourists from all over the world. It is not by chance that the ecomuseo of Valnerina has as its logo the pig, an animal closely connected with the truffle hunt.

“Inside the museum one hundred years of our history”, says Olga Urbani, Paolo’s daughter, creator and tireless promoter of the museum. “In this structure dear to us, our best memories are enclosed, from the beginning of the activity until we arrive To the current progress made in the manufacture and marketing of truffles. A museum that immediately Scheggino has felt, the good that my father and my grandparents shared in their lives has not gone unnoticed. The inhabitants of Scheggino have shown us in more ways the gratitude by giving in the years machinery and tools with which the truffle was treated in past centuries, but the story unfolds through the many photographs and gifts of recognition to Carlo Urbani, to which is called the square where the museum is located. A great demonstration of love that I welcome open heart and with great pride and responsibility, aware that until we live in memory and in the hearts of the living, we will never die. This is how my father continues to live every day with us helping to pursue an ambitious project that for urban life is the same.

Inside the museum visitors can find the testimonies of the work done over the years: handwritten invoices, telegrams and even personal letters received from the United States at the time when the urban, first, brought this unknown food Overseas teaching to keep it and use it. Many objects used in the past that you can observe closely, such as the first hand-washing improvised in the house-company of Carlo Urbani and his wife Olga, until the thank you letter of President Ronald Reagan for that 1.100 kilos of truffle sent by the brothers Bruno and Paolo, the history of the “Brotherhood of the Truffle”, born in the years ’80, the recognition of the knighthood of work to Paolo Urbani in 1996 and much, much more. Precious fragments of a past that still lives today and through tradition and innovation continues to write the history of the truffle in the world. A valuable resource also for schools that, many, visit the museum recognizing the undoubted usefulness of teaching. Visitors also have the opportunity to buy fresh, preserved truffles, numerous truffle products, dried and frozen porcini mushrooms of untraceable quality.