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The number of dissertations regarding the company Urbani Tartufi rises to 100. To allow the achievement of this result is Martina Marcantoni who, to crown Laurel Her university course at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the University for Foreigners of Perugia, Master’s degree in promotion of Italy Abroad, he thought to bring for example the Italian commitment in the international market La Urbani Tartufo, present from 1852 in the American market and unparalleled advocate of a new way of appreciating good food, standard bearer of taste and Italian refinement in a continent that, just less than two centuries ago, ignored the truffle and the world that reflects its splendor.

“When in 1850 my great-grandfather arrived for the first time in the United States,” says Olga Urbani, ownership/manager of the company, “The Americans perceived the truffle as a strange, unknown thing. To let them change their mind the urban family has moved for decades between Italy and America and in the family letters that I personally collected and kept in the museum of Truffles, built in memory of my father, lighthouse that illuminates the path of my life , there are beautiful stories that tell the relationship between these two worlds. Today, thanks to this important work, the truffle really likes all over America and the presence of skilled chefs facilitates this diffusion. Chefs who have learned from the great masters of Italian cuisine and who later, have also been able to innovate with great skill. This exchange of knowledge and cultures, coupled with the need to adapt to a new market, have been a strong stimulus for our company. We have been able to innovate and renew our products without ever forgetting the origins and the great tradition on which we can proudly rest our present and imagine the future.

“Martina’s thesis, then, continues Olga Urbani, gave me great emotions because it touched a theme very dear to us. Thanks is absolutely an unsuitable term to express not only how well it made me, but to say how much I found it interesting, innovative, stimulating, prestigious, something that surely reflects Martina and what has inside. Martina, I am grateful for the work done of great value, the urban truffles All you are grateful for this testimony full of enlightening information for us that of this world we have made our mission of life. By now you will be part of the urban family, the ‘big family of the truffle’, which exposes your thesis to the Museum of urban truffles where thousands of people can see it every year, coming from every country in the world and forever know that in this world, already Imbued with charm and admiration, you have also added yourself with your precious work that will remain forever as another treasure of this unique world. Thanks from the bottom of the heart of all of us “.