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Many of you will have had to do in their life with a nice fresh truffle and, not knowing the characteristics, you will have wondered: and now how do I cook it? In this regard there are stories of devastation of what for millennia is the undisputed king of the table: white truffles, fried truffles made in chunks and cooked in damp and other havoc of this type. How do you use the Earth diamond?

We start from what is the most famous image we have: the truffle sliced directly on the plate. In this case, it is essential to avoid slicing the truffle in the kitchen before serving the dishes on the table, this is considered a gesture of bad taste, both at home and at the restaurant. You would make the figure of those who want to “Count” the slices deciding how much value to bring to the table, as Mastroianni in the film “The man of the 5 balloons” that to each slice of truffle that put in the pot, counted aloud what he was spending. It is therefore much better to bring the truffle on the table together with a “mandolina”, the classic truffle grater, and slice it directly in front of the guests eyes so that they can decide what they want. If you do not have the mandolin between your cooking utensils, any grater will be fine to produce thin slices; If it’s sharp, the potato peeler works as well.

Errors to avoid: The white truffle is never cooked, it must be used strictly in raw. It is very delicate and the cooking would ruin it. A light heat, however, like the one emanated from the freshly drained hot noodles or from the risotto, helps to unleash the aroma. It should be sliced at the moment, with the slicedartufi, in very thin flakes and directly on the dish already ready in the plate: risotto, tagliatelle, salads, eggs with the bull’s eye. The black truffle is eaten both raw and cooked. Unlike white, it releases its own aroma in baking. It finds an excellent use as a gasket or in the preparation of sauces; In this case it is necessary to chop it and make it flavour in the pan with garlic and oil (also wanting anchovy and thyme), being careful not to keep it in direct contact with the fire, it is very well to fry the garlic, extinguish the fire and add the truffle leaving the Warmth of the pan pull out its wonderful features. It is perfect in the toppings for Tortelli and roasts and in the pate of chicken livers with cognac, as well as in the infamous noodles. Now that you have all the most important tips, you can indulge in the kitchen and enchate your guests.