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Urbani Tartufi enters in Harrods and does so, as its custom, in great style with dedicated spaces at different points in the chain of the largest luxury store in the world. Visitors will thus be able to buy also the prestigious products with the brand Urbani Tartufi, the world’s leading brand with 70% of the world market, synonymous with excellence, a name that has been contributing to the history of the truffle for six generations. The partnership with Harrods covers two areas reserved for the sale of the product and two dining areas.

On the ground floor, in the Food Hall fresh compartment, an elegant refrigerated counter will allow visitors to choose and buy fresh truffles, both white and black, the exclusive packaged urban products such as Preserved Truffles in a jar, Truffle Sauce, Summer Truffle Carpaccio, White and Black Truffle Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Honey and White Truffle, the exclusive Truffle Gold and all the truffle accessories signed by Urbani Tartufi.

Large entrance of Urbani also “live”: in fact, from next November 8 it will be possible to taste a complete menu of Urbani’s truffle at the restaurant located inside Harrods. During the year will be organized exclusive themed events in which the urban truffle will be put in the spotlight as is appropriate to the one who is not randomly defined as the “King of the table”. It will begin this Thursday at the restaurant of Harrods “Pizzeria & Canti Prosecco Bar“, located on the second floor, the “Truffle Pizzeria Urbani pop-up“, the first official parade of truffle on the red carpet of the tables of the restaurant of Harrods, to repeat several times in the year, in this and other restaurants of Harrods, during special occasions.

Urbani Tartufi will also collaborate with the Harrods kitchen area, which deals with the development of unpublished recipes. Many worldly events to which Urbani will participate. On 6 December, at the Urbani’s area, will be held the “Truffle Auction“, the truffle auction in which the highest bidder will win one or more large truffles. With the entry of Urbani Tartufi in Harrods, the Italian excellence of luxury food scala a further ambitious step confirming, as always, the flagship of Made in Italy in the world.