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Giammarco Urbani, owner with the family of Urbani Tartufi, was re-elected president of the Terni section of Confindustria Umbria for the two years 2018 – 2020. This is the second consecutive nomination for one of the most famous faces of Umbrian entrepreneurship. Giammarco Urbani was confirmed at the helm of the association last October 26 in the course of an assembly that saw the presence of the Italian President of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, Italian Minister for Public Administration Giulia Bongiorno and the President of Umbria region Catiuscia Marini.

This important recognition crowns a team work that Giammarco Urbani has also carried out in the board, which is already part of 2016. Immediately after his appointment, Giammarco Urbani said: “In recent years many steps have been made to ensure that the Umbrian entrepreneurial force assumes an increasingly important role within the national economy. We have learned from the past, but we need to look to the future to maximise the potential of our territory. In the next two years, the goal will be to reinforce the role of the many local companies that contribute to make the Province of Terni the flagship of Italy.