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From the 26th to the 29th November “Truffle Week Gastronomic” will take place in Milan, an event with two of the gastronomic realities operating in the Lombard city, Romoletto Street Food and da Gigi restaurant together with the prized Urbani truffle, an elite trio that can boast a single common denominator: quality.

On Wednesday, guests can enjoy a truffle appetizer from Romoletto, while on Thursdays a gourmet dinner at the location from da Gigi.  During the week, the truffle will also be the protagonist of the proposals of the menu recommended to the customers of the two rooms. Entering the live of the event, Matteo Martinenghi and Sergio Frollo artisans of the white Roman Pizza will present the “Aperitivo da Romoletto” which will see a menu of black and white urban truffles. A very interesting and creative proposal that will satisfy even the most demanding palates such as gourmet with white or black truffles pizzas, supplì with black truffle and homemade bread with chestnuts, lard and black truffle.

Notes and creative gastronomic melodies to the truffle also for the chefs Luigi Batzella and Marco Tamagnone of restaurant da Gigi that will present dishes that will see the truffle exalted in its characteristics more pure and always appreciated to the finer palate. On the other hand you could not expect less from Batzella and Tamagnone, names known in the panorama of the excellence of the catering field to have, among other things, worked in luxury hotels in Italy and abroad, such as the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, the Park Hyatt, the Prince of Savoy, the Hotel Pellicano Relais & Chateaux and the post old Relais & Chateaux, deciding in 2012 to arrive to what the same Batzella definisce an adventure: “Create a sober place that does not consume with the soffio of a season, to pass of a fashion, therefore essential and without waste”.

The philosophy of Batzella has always been to enhance the quality of the materials without altering them with excessive elaborations. Its cuisine is therefore based on a continuous search for minimally invasive machining techniques to offer culturally traditional but innovative dishes in preparation and presentation. The menu with the urban truffle that proposes for the gourmet dinner respects without doubt this philosophy:

  • Fassona tartare, Puntarelle vegetables and white truffle (Falanghina Feudi di San Gregorio wine)
  • Acquarello rice and white truffle (Arneis Pescaja wine)
  • Lobster on Topinambur cream and black truffle (Vermentino Is Argiolas wine)
  • Beef fillet with foie gras and black truffle (Cabernet Sauvignon Perusini wine)
  • Soft ice cream and black truffle (Ramandolo Verduzzo Dario Coos wine)

An unforgettable taste and perfume week, a fusion of art and quality that can make the guests of the event live the magic that the truffle can give, because the cuisine is not only taste of the palate but with Urbani Tartufi becomes poetry.