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Urbani Tartufi, Italian company world leader in the sector and synonymous with excellence and quality in the world, will be present at the 15th edition of MARCA, the international exhibition dedicated to the private label sector, which will be held in the capital of Emilia on 16 and 17 January.

The company, at the fair with a real showcase of 16 sqm, will present to the historical customers and to the new ones the latest innovations that are available on the market already starting from these months. The Urbani Tartufi stand will tell the Italian excellence of luxury food through a multi-sensory route between packaged and frozen products, which will accompany distributors and buyers in the truffles world to discover the scents, aromas and, of course, the quality that distinguishes the urban family and brand throughout the world. In the frozen sector, Urbani will present two new important innovations: frozen cubes porcini mushrooms – which are added to the whole ones and sliced – and the frozen truffle pods.

Among the many specialties of Urbani, the frozen porcini mushrooms are born from years of research and development. It is a product that is valued precisely by the method of freezing the company that works this raw material a few hours from its collection, keeping unchanged the freshness and genuineness. With the same technology, are also made the frozen summer truffles that will be shown to brand Bologna. The mushrooms are added to the frozen truffle pods, both in the white and black truffle version, which are a real revolution in the sector. It is a sort of frozen butter made from truffles, mushrooms, EVO oil and Grana Padano DOP cheese. Synonymous with practicality, the waffles, thanks to the method of transformation from fresh to frozen and to the single-dose portion, guarantee the freshness of the product, becoming an excellent ally in the kitchen.

With regard to products packaged at room temperature, Marca Bologna will be the occasion to show all the quality products of the Urbani designer. The booth will be the “home” of the delicious Summer Truffle Carpaccio, scented oils flavored with natural extract of Unico White and Unico Black, precious Black Preserved Truffles, polyhedral sauces such as Black Truffle Sauce, White Truffle Sauce, Summer Truffles Sauce and Winter Black Truffle Sauce. In addition to this there will be the useful sauces based on Porcini Mushrooms and Truffle, Artichokes and Truffle, Red Pesto and Truffle, Pesto and Truffle, Tomatoes, Pistachios and Truffle, Asparagus and Truffles, Cream and Truffle, Tomatoes and Truffle and to conclude the mushrooms line Dried Porcini Mushrooms.