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Curtis Stone, the famous American chef and television personality, nicknamed “The Quiet Terminator” by fans, after his performance on “The Celebrity Apprentice 3“, accepted the invitation of the historical friend Olga Urbani to visit the Italian headquarters of Urbani Truffles of which he knows the precious truffles well.

The love between Curtis and Urbani Tartufi was born many years ago, in the days when the award-winning chef directed the cuisine of White’s Quo Vadis in London. At that time, Stone helped the local section of the Observer Food Monthly newspaper with a piece on the chefs’ favorite ingredients. The story involved Stone going to Piedmont to find the best truffle that existed. That’s where he met Olga Urbani and her family, that’s where she was born her love for truffles and a great friendship.

In an interview on Food & Wine magazine is told how Stone, on that occasion, was passionate about the hunt for truffles and was enchanted to observe how the freshly harvested truffle was treated, seemed to him to idyllic the scene of manual cleaning with the toothbrush and the dedication that was put in that ancient gesture handed down by 6 generations of Urbani.

“Curtis started to be a chef at the age of 18 in his homeland, Australia”, says Olga Urbani. “He then cooked in some of the most innovative restaurants in London and has made a long series of TV successes taking part in transmissions like The Celebrity Apprentice, Iron chef America, Top Chef, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and NBC’s Today and Take Home Chef, just to name a few. In 2014 he opened a beautiful restaurant in Beverly Hills, The Maude, name he chose because it is that of his beloved grandmother and another in Hollywood named Gwen, the other his grandmother”, smirks Olga as she tells the friend’s experiences and shows the photos Of the days spent in the beautiful valleys of Valnerina.

“With my son Francesco”, continues Olga, “Curtis has filmed the real truffle hunt with our most experienced and passionate truffle hunter, including Riccardo Cesari, also technical director of Truffleland. But when in a meadow Curtis, with great skill, lit the fire with the wood gathered in the woods, the emotion was strong, seemed to return to the origins, in an incredible beauty of nature that embraced us all around. It was wonderful to eat the eggs that Curtis has cooked in the traditional method of 200 years ago, putting on top of the truffle just taken away, a delicacy with an ancient and authentic taste, a dip in the past that will remain for all of us unforgettable.

Curtis then visited the company, the Urbani Truffle Museum, at Truffleland and was entertained for a special dinner with the latest white truffles of the season, at Olga’s house, along with the entire Netflix troupe. It is then divided for Los Angeles bringing in the heart not only the colors and flavors of a land that adores, but also the warmth of a family that admires him especially because he is a simple, despite his success, remained true and authentic.