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The Winter Black Truffle, Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini, always comes back to every Christmas. Its perfume mixes in the cold, like a clock that punctuates the passage of time and reminds us that the time has come to close in the heat, maybe in front of the lit fireplace accompanied by a glass of red wine and a scrambled egg with the addition of the precious ingredient.

Winter comes and the black truffle comes back. Nature, under the ground, never changes its mind. It is formed in muted, in the prodigious silence of nature, from the whitish moulds of the roots of the trees, to be born in the total darkness of the earth, making room for fatigue among the stones, stones that amuse themselves to change the form, often bizarre, of great truffles or small, but always with their unmistakable trail of magic. The Urbani, eagerly awaited, organize around this precious miracle an amazing commercial network that touches 75 countries in the world, where not only the sale is important, but the human relationships, culture, exchanges and horizons that open. From 167 years Urbani Tartufi collects them in the same way, with the help of the dog, through thousands of affectionate doers coming from the most isolated and distant mountains.

Of his, Urbani Tartufi puts the courage to continue to grow every day for 6 generations, the intuition always ready to new trends in markets and the humility of those who are certain that they can never do enough. The rest does the truffle. And what is lacking adds the passion that moves all those of this truffle world are an integral part. Yes because this work can only be done if the passion is so much. The passion is breathed in the moment of the harvest, with the precious dog, in a succession of actions all identical to those of a thousand years ago. Nothing has changed, then as today. But when it arrives on the plate, the passion becomes joy to taste it. It is certainly one of the subtle pleasures of life that no one in the world should deprive themselves of.

Here are some tips on how to best combine the finest black truffle in the kitchen according to the traditions of the historical truffle family:

  • RISOTTO WITH TRUFFLE – During the winter a nice steaming risotto is the most comfortable you could possibly want. The secret to preparing this dish? Opt for a vegetable broth and a parmesan not too seasoned: in this way the scent of the truffle will not be covered.
  • POTATOES WITH TRUFFLES – This particular preparation you can prepare all the year, because for this recipe to do in the oven do not serve fine truffles, they are fine also summer black truffles or even a truffle cream that you can find in the best delicies or Gdo insignia.
  • PASTA ALLA NORCINA WITH TRUFFLE – This recipe comes from Umbria and brings with it all the scent of the forest. The more gourmet add to the sauce also two anchovies in oil. A gem.
  • GNOCCHI WITH PORCINI MUSHROOMS AND TRUFFLE – If you have the time and desire to cook your hands dirty, this recipe is for you. Choose White, powy, starch-rich potatoes. For the sauce, however, if you do not find fresh mushrooms, the frozen or dried porcini are fine too.
  • SOFT FRITTATA WITH TRUFFLE – The omelette is always good, with the truffle becoming a delicacy. The trick is not to overcook the eggs, to keep them soft, even with the addition of a drop of milk to the mixture before cooking.
  • RAVIOLI WITH WILD BOAR, TRUFFLE AND PORCINI MUSHROOMS – Exaggerate, why not? With this recipe you will marry all the flavors of autumn and create a wonderful dish that you will hardly forget.


After having shown you the main culinary combinations it is important to choose the wine to match the dishes prepared the precious mushroom. The winter black truffle is usually added during the cooking of the foods, favouring the gradual fusion with the other ingredients present inside the recipe. With regard to the main combinations, much depends on the type of dishes that you go to serve.

If you want to make for example a first dish, you can use fine red wines of medium body, soft taste and not particularly penetrating. As for the second, especially if they are meat-based, it is necessary to combine red wines with greater structure, and preferably aged. Choosing French wines like Bordeaux can be useful to this effect, although Italian wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco perform the same matching function. Entering specifically, some red wines that marry well with the characteristics of the black truffle are Sagrantino di Montefalco or Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, two wines of central Italy medium structure.

Going up the peninsula to the north, one can instead choose to employ a Rosso Piceno, typical of the areas of Ancona, Fermo, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno, or finally a Dolcetto or Nebbiolo, two wines of geographical indication of Piedmont. There are also some oenologists and sommeliers who venture some combination of black truffle and white wine. In this sense, you must first of all be careful to choose a white wine of good acidity, bouquet fragrant and slightly savory. Examples of excellent white wines that can be matched with the black truffle are the Muller Thurgau Trentino, Friulano, known once as Tocai, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi or Riesling Italico, a wine typical of the area of Perugia with a sour and fruity flavour. Always remaining in the field of white wines, it is better to avoid those that are too sparkling, or that are made with complex processing methods, such as vintage wines.

Apart from white or red, the wine you intend to adopt to marry the decided flavors of black truffle must necessarily have low acidity and little tannin, not to go to affect excessively the overall flavour of the dish in which the truffle is present Same. Another indication of basic character is to have a good head in the complexity of the dish that will be realized, choosing ingredients not too contrasting between them, and that they marry well together. In this way, both the presence of black truffle and the bouquet of the wine will not prevail over each other, and will constitute a perfect combination that harmonize optimally in your palate and your guests.