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A special thread seems to tie the truffle to illustrious personalities of the story. For example, Talleyrand, Napoleon’s foreign minister, was a great admirer of the truffles he used with women as a weapon of diplomacy: at his receptions were never lacking truffle recipes designed by Carême, one of the greatest chefs in history Representative of the “haute cuisine” French. Even in the great appointments of history This food was present: from the concluding lunch of the Congress of Vienna of 1815 (croquettes d’esturgeon aux truffes), to the banquet offered in 1896 by the President of the Republic French to Tsar Nicholas.

“Captures more friends the cafeteria that the mind “, loved to say Camillo Benso count of Cavour who, in addition to diplomacy, often used just the truffle to weave its plots and ingratifying consensus. In the history, the scent of our truffles and the Italian prestige that the “miracle of the earth” brings with it, have reached far beyond the confines of the boot. The first of a long series of authoritative personalities to be a tribute to the Italic white truffle was the famous American actress Rita Hayworth in the far 1949, while she was running the year 1960 when the then American president Harry Truman saw herself deliver a huge trifola from Giacomo Morra that left him literally amazed and smug.

A few years earlier in 1953 it was Winston Churchill who received the best specimen of the season and it is said that he particularly appreciated the scent. They were not isolated incidents, since then the appeal of the Trifola has repeatedly exceeded the ocean: not only the presidents will be awarded the Diamond of the Earth but every year precious truffles will be sent to personalities of international importance of the political and entertainment. Just to name a few: American presidents John Kennedy and Ike Eisenhower, the chief of the Kremlin Nikita Khrushchev, the Ethiopian Emperor Hailé Selassié, Gabriele d’annunzio, Mikhail Gorbachev, Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, Alfred Hitckcok, Pope John Paul II, Luciano Pavarotti, Anita Eckberg, Federico Fellini, Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Soraya, Mata Hari, Marcel Proust, the beautiful Otero, Alexandre Dumas. The real record, going back in time, dates back to 1668 when Acqualagna were found 2 truffles 13 and 18 kg, which were then donated to Cardinal Flavio Chigi of Bologna by the papal legate of Urbino. Most of the award-winning characters have always shown that they like the kind tribute and appreciate the unmistakable perfume, the flagship of Made in Italy in the world.

Urbani Tartufi, undisputed queen of the truffle world, holder of 70% of the world market, from six generations protagonist of the exponential growth of Italian prestige in the world with a history that for over 150 years intersecting its pages with the The history of the truffle itself, has repeatedly jumped to the honors of the Chronicle for having donated specimens of the highest level to prominent personalities who received precious specimens directly from the hands of Urbani: Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth of England, American President Nixon, Donald Reagan, Lady Diana, Claudia Cardinale, George W. Bush, Gerard Depardieu, Giuliano Gemma, Mohammed Al Fayed, Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren, Pippo Baudo and many others. From an idea of Bruno Urbani, president of Urbani Truffles, Oscar Farinetti, patron of Eataly, on November 10, 2012 a truffle of 1 kg (1.012 kg) of Acqualagna was given to the President of the United States Barack Obama to celebrate his re-election, a Prestigious tribute that honored the president and his wife Michelle, who had a worldwide resonance.

A gesture, that of Urbani, which signifies how much a miracle of the earth, so appreciated in history, has become a symbol of prestige, elegance, the demonstration of what a fruit that takes years to treat itself in all its splendor to the palates more demanding, can now represent the excellence of gastronomy, thanks to the commitment of those who have dedicated a lifetime to enhance their qualities. “An elegant way to keep up the prestige of Italy in the world,” says Olga Urbani, owner/manager of the company, “a gesture that brings to the spotlight the potential that our land reserves, potentialities to be valued more and more, ancient treasure, present And the future of Italian Excellencies that Urbani is proud to bring into the world with the passion that has always distinguished our great family. Nothing of its kind rises to the emblem of excellence as the truffle, a product that boasts a luxury connotation like diamonds, wines of the highest level and this seems impossible if we think that until a few centuries ago was appreciated by a few Connoisseurs and ignored, if not avoided as the fruit of the underworld, by the most “.

“A great acknowledgement goes to my grandfather Carlo Urbani”, continues Olga Urbani, “Who was the first to bring our diamond of the land overseas and to make known the methods to express all the qualities, sensations and emotions that this hypogeal fungus can give. It was a great success, the spread of the truffle among the most famous gourmet has followed the growth of our company, has written with us the history of the truffle and its rise to the rank of world gastronomic excellence, making sure that It represented a gift of immense prestige for those who had the honor of receiving a specimen. Our work continues today on the same tracks built by our ancestors, proud to represent the truffle in the world, proud of the urban name that flows in our veins.

“Urban in the world means truffle, he loved to say my father,” concludes Olga Urbani. “This is true yesterday, it is true today and, looking at the work that are carrying on my children and the passion that already proves my granddaughter Geneva, daughter of Giammarco and Paola Urbani, who cries when she has to leave the company to return home, I can affirm with certainty, that it will be even tomorrow “.