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The Truffeland project by Urbani Tartufi which is gaining great acclaim and national and international attention, continues in its avant-garde policy and has a new important goal: becoming a Smart Farm aiming more and more on the concept of intelligent agriculture. So Truffeland 4.0, a company that will have to guarantee urban control of a tartufaia since its genesis: from the conception of the plant, the formation of the micorizza, the growth of trees and finally the harvest of truffles.

With the application of a microchip inside the root apparatus of the plant, every phase of the production process will be monitored; you can finally understand so many areas unknown to date. With the evaluation of all the chemical-physical parameters of the soil and the plant, with the monitoring of all the climatic factors and their seasonal evolution, one can finally know absolutely everything of each truffle plant. These factors will be decisive to explain why a plant has given so many truffles and another one instead many less, something that man has been asking for centuries without ever having had an answer.

Experts are also developing an app that will allow Truffleland customers to follow in every moment the development of their investment allowing them to have real-time answers to any doubts. For example: if there is a shortage of water or the malfunctioning of the irrigation system, Truffeland can intervene directly from the company to solve the problem in a short time. “A bet that will take us away “, says Francesco Loreti Urbani, creator of the project. “We young people are assigned an important task, open the doors of the future using the key of the past and that is how this project was born that combines all the teachings of tradition with an innovative push that looks forward, using all means that the current technology makes available and availing ourselves of the best experts in the field. We aim for a totally new product and guaranteed results. The future we can not predict but we can invent it”.