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All the way through the 2017 “Truffles: Jazz, Murder & Dinner Theater”, an unprecedented interactive show sponsored by Urbani Truffles, the American headquarters of Urbani Tartufo, the world’s leading truffle company. It is a musical from original features of its kind, an interactive comedy that tells with romantic traits, the trade of the truffle in Italy, through the history an Italian family that owns and manages a small business of the truffle and a Restaurant.

The performance will be repeated weekly, during dinners and brunches, in a wonderful “Jazz & Supper Club” setting in Times Square. Urban truffles, in this context, is not only sponsor but also “protagonist ” because in every performance, the public, in a fun and interactive way, receives tastings and tasting of urban truffles. The spectators were enchanted by the urban products. All crazy for the truffle chocolates and the thousand recipes of finger food truffle offered. Given the success, large companies have requested the show for their private events, including: JP Morgan, Bank of America, Mercedes Benz, Celgene, NBC, and many others.

“The truffle”, says Olga Urbani, “it is not only one of the most fascinating foods, status symbol of the luxury food and emblem of the food of high quality, it is something more: it is emotion. A miracle of the earth that marries perfectly with some forms of art that prefer the involvement of the senses. The truffle is magical, it transports those who are lucky enough to have it in their hands in a world of exciting sensations. This incredibly unexpected collaboration is proof. “A musical about the world of truffles? No, I never expected it, “adds Sabrina Notarnicola, VP Marketing and creator of this revolutionary marriage. “Unbelievable where the strength of our product can reach. Up to an innovation that also brings the theater in a 4d dimension, where the spectator merges with the show and where in the end we are all protagonists. Below is the promo of the show: